Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children ®-Fifth Edition

Presenter(s) : Susie Raiford, PhD, Anne-Marie Kimbell, Maggie Kjer PhD, Pat Moran PhD., Liz Grose SSP, NCSP, Lynsey Psimas PhD, NCSP, Kathleen Woodward EdS, NCSP

With the increasing need to conduct assessments via telepractice, many are wondering how to use the WAIS-IV, WASI-II, and WISC–V remotely. Watch our recording as we discuss this with Wechsler Research Director, Dr. Susie Raiford.

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This one-hour webinar will focus on the interpretation of the WISC-V. The presenter will describe primary, ancillary, and complementary indexes and will use sample data to illustrate the interpretive process. As a result of the session, participants will describe (1) the cognitive processes represented by the WISC-V index scores, (2) the theoretical link between specific cognitive abilities and specific academic skills and (3) how to use performance on the WISC-V to generate hypotheses about processing deficits.

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