Presenter(s): Gregory Jackson

Are you concerned about the mental health of your student body and how to identify those dealing with anxiety, depression, or suicidal ideation? Pearson is offering an unlimited-access library of 11 widely used, standardized digital assessments that can be administered online and easily scored within the same platform.

Presenter(s): TBD

Want to learn more about how an annual site license, with a single purchase order, can supply your entire district with unlimited use of over 40 of Pearson’s most popular digital assessments for cognition, achievement, behavior, language and more? Join us for a 45-minute live session to learn about Pearson's Digital Assessment Library and how it can benefit your district.

Presenter(s): Kathleen Woodward, Ed.S., NCSP, and Chris Huzinec

Children diagnosed with ADHD have been shown to be at risk for lower-than-expected academic achievement and educational attainment. This intermediate session will help practitioners identify specific impairments and the severity of impact on functioning and enable them to develop targeted interventions.  

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Presenter(s): Melinda Cooper, OTR, Shelley Hughes, OTR

Many individuals with autism experience differences in the way they process sensory information relative to their neurotypical peers. This webinar provides an overview of Dunn's sensory processing framework, reviews recent related research, explores two standardized sensory questionnaires, and explains how assessment results can be used to guide intervention planning and strategy formation.

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Presenter(s): Selina Oliver, Ellen Murphy

Common anxiety look-alikes, such as ADHD, sensory processing deficits, and depression, make the determination of an anxiety disorder, and the appropriate relief, more difficult to ascertain. This CE webinar will discuss best assessment practices to help parse out some of these look-alike conditions.  

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