Presenter(s): William Bryant, PhD and Kurt Choate, PhD

Utilizing a case study approach, this webinar will explain how to apply contextual knowledge of the transgender and gender diverse population to administer a more valid assessment and provide evidence to assess minority stress to ensure appropriate interpretation of assessment results.

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Presenter(s): Larry Weiss, PhD, Antolin M. Llorente, PhD, ABPdN , Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD, ABN, ABPdN, Katherine L. Possin, PhD, Desiree Byrd, PhD, Anne-Marie Kimbell, Lisa Drozdick

Join us for an expert-panel discussion on the use of demographically adjusted norms in standardized assessment. This panel will discuss the use of demographically adjusted norms and types of instruments that provide them. They will address the appropriate use of demographically adjusted norms in practice and relation to equity in psychological assessment.

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Presenter(s): Gloria Maccow

Autism is a developmental disability that significantly affects verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction. Some of the symptoms of autism may be characteristics of other developmental disabilities, so a comprehensive developmental evaluation is needed to differentiate ASD from other developmental disabilities.

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