Presenter(s): Chris Huzinec

Traditional exclusionary disciplinary actions negatively impact all students. Unfortunately, these practices are most often used with students who can least afford to miss out on the instructional process, such as minorities, economically disadvantaged students, and students served in special education. This presentation uses the evaluation of a MTSS program to illustrate a systemic approach to reducing disciplinary actions, including identifying implicit bias, applying restorative justice, and integrating dispositional discipline data in a school’s data-driven decision-making process.  

Presenter(s): Tina Eichstadt, Melissa Jakubowitz, Sue Ann Lee, Robin L. Alvares, and Nancy Castilleja

To support your growing need for training in the area of remote service delivery, we invite you to join us as we host a panel of SLP experts engaged in telepractice every day. Each panelist will share key lessons learned from their own years of telepractice experience in assessment, intervention, and consultation. A moderated Q&A time will enable attendees to direct questions to each of the panel members. We hope you’ll join us for this interactive and engaging session!

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Presenter(s): C. Munro Cullum, PhD, ABPP

This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of the evidence supporting teleNP and models for teleNP practice in the context of current events. Methods, procedures, and “tips” for how we begin to return to “normal” neuropsychological practice will be discussed. Bring your questions as there will be time for Q&A.  

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Presenter(s): Susie Raiford, PhD, Anne-Marie Kimbell, Maggie Kjer PhD, Pat Moran PhD., Liz Grose SSP, NCSP, Lynsey Psimas PhD, NCSP, Kathleen Woodward EdS, NCSP

With the increasing need to conduct assessments via telepractice, many are wondering how to use the WAIS-IV, WASI-II, and WISC–V remotely. Watch our recording as we discuss this with Wechsler Research Director, Dr. Susie Raiford.

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Presenter(s): Daniella Maglione, Chris Huzenic, Laura Moreno

Preparing for and executing a remote assessment session can be complex. This webinar will cover several steps that should be taken prior to offering this type of test administration. We will also offer tips to help the session run smoothly.

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Presenter(s): Anne-Marie Kimbell, PhD & Chris Huzinec, MS

The COVID-19 emergency has rapidly increased the use of telepractice when providing assessments. This webinar will provide an overview of the many Pearson telepractice resources that have been created for this use. Decisions and considerations for providing a remote assessment session will also be covered.  

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Presenter(s): Gail Rodin, PhD, Julia Blodgett, PhD, Gene Cash, PhD, Sarah Valley-Gray, PhD, Nathan Roth, PhD, Pat Moran, PhD

Please join us for a panel discussion featuring four of your university colleagues who have forged ahead in the new world of remote assessment instruction, as they share their challenges and their successes and respond to your questions about tele-instruction and telepractice.

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Presenter(s): Gail Rodin, Richard L. Delmonico, PhD, Alessia de Paola Gottlieb, MD, Mitchell Clionsky, PhD, Randy Kulman, PhD

Please join us for a panel discussion featuring four of your colleagues who have used “at home” and/or “in-clinic” remote assessment, as they share their challenges and their successes and respond to your questions about telepractice in a variety of settings.

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Presenter(s): Tina Eichstadt and Nancy Castilleja

Join us for a 4-part series focused on Assessment via Telepractice Office Hours for SLPs. Topics will include practical questions we’re getting as well as updated guidance documentation for various assessments. These online sessions will include Q&A, so please bring your questions!

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