• My Cogmed “recipe for success”

    by Kyra Minichan, MA,CCC-SLP

    Two happy children using laptops

    As with anything else, there is a “recipe for success” for using Cogmed working memory training, and following it closely almost always leads to the best outcome. I'm Kyra Minichan, Pearson Healthcare Assessment Consultant and SLP for 30 years and I wanted to share with you MY recipe for success in using Cogmed in my practice.

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  • Celebrating 10 years of Q-interactive

    Celebrating 10 years of Q-interactive

    Celebrate 10 years of Q-interactive with us!

    Chances are, everyone’s appreciation for digital assessment looks a little different (and is hopefully a bit less dramatic), but no matter the setting, for the last decade, Q-interactive has been making an immeasurable impact. The last 10 years with Q-interactive have given us a better understanding of how our customers use our tests and how we can help them discover even greater efficiencies, greater accuracy, and — most importantly — greater connections through digital assessment.

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  • Closing the dyslexia “action gap”

    Elementary school bulletin board

    The Dyslexia Resource Center, founded in Baton Rouge, LA, is trailblazing a clear path through effective dyslexia identification and support, but they’re not stopping there. Through a three-phase approach of research, identification, and support, every member of their team — at each of their locations — is following their passion to serve their surrounding communities through tutoring for students with dyslexia, caregiver support, and educator training. 

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  • Sharing the Mental Load: 4 Ways Educator Moms and Caregivers Can Avoid Burnout

    by Liz Grose, School Psychologist and Assessment Consultant

    Female and child looking at laptop

    “Not enough hours in the day.” That's a lament of most educators — and most moms and caregivers. As a result, caregivers who are also educators are especially familiar with this struggle. It’s one I can relate to, as a former school psychologist and current mother of two, with another on the way. The truth is, it’s common to feel as though there's not enough of you to go around.   

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  • The 2023 Research Call is open for submissions!

    Hiker with backpack facing water and mountains

    We are proud to announce the new Call for Research published by Pearson Clinical Assessment. Our goal is to ensure that Pearson assessments comply with the highest standards of quality and support research that investigates the validity or efficacy of our products. We are inviting United States-based faculty members, graduate students, and qualified researchers to submit their proposals no later than August 11, 2023.

    Here’s what you need to know...

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  • Who will be your next success story?

    by Kyra Minichan, MA,CCC-SLP

    Students with tablets

    Research tells us that children with ADHD have deficits in working memory compared to their typically developing peers. The same data also tells us that attention and working memory are essential to learning new information, so it should not come as a surprise that when you increase attention and working memory, learning comes faster and is more efficient. 

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  • A Mother’s Journey Supporting an Autistic Loved One – and What Fellow Educators Can Learn 

    by Shelley Hughes, OTR and Director of Portfolio Management and Delivery, Pearson Clinical Assessment

    Daughter and mother mixing food

    As an OTR (registered occupational therapist) and Director of Portfolio Management and Delivery at Pearson Clinical Assessment, I have extensive experience working with students who have been diagnosed with a variety of conditions. And, as a mom of an autistic daughter, I understand on a personal level how challenging it can be to get the diagnosis that’s needed — and why it’s imperative that schools join caregivers in their quest for answers.  

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