Digital Assessment Library for University Student Mental Health

A library of digital, mental health assessments for use by counselors and mental health professionals working in higher education with college students. The annual license is available for all two and four year programs for use with the institution’s enrolled student population at a flat, worry-free annual cost.
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  • Digital Assessment Library for University Student Mental Health
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    This is an annual, unlimited-use license for use by Institutions of Higher Education only.  

    The quantity entered should be equal to the reported fulltime student enrollment of the institution.

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Product Details

Do you have the tools to stay on top of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and other mental health challenges facing your students today?

Every institution of higher education is dealing with a student mental health crisis. In an effort to make sure any college student struggling with mental health issues can be identified, Pearson has built the Digital Assessment Library (DAL) for University Student Mental Health.

Delivered online through Pearson's Q-global® platform, this library of digital assessments has been designed as an affordable, unlimited-use subscription so that college counselors and student mental health professionals have access to the highest quality mental health assessments at a flat, worry-free annual cost without concerns about additional fees (or running out of response booklets).

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Features include:

  • 11 standardized mental health assessments
  • Access to Q-global web-based digital administration, scoring, and reporting
  • Unlimited number of users and administrations
  • One simple, annual price for use with the entire student population


Which digital mental health assessments are included?

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BASC™-3 (Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition)

Offers a set of rating scales to help evaluate the behaviors and emotions of individuals, differentiating between hyperactivity and attention problems, and measures areas for both IDEA and DSM–5 classifications.

  • Age: 2-21
  • Completion time: 10-30 minutes

BASC-3 BESS (BASC-3 Behavioral and Emotional Screening System)

Provides a quick, efficient, valid, and reliable way to screen large numbers of students while guaranteeing security and privacy.

  • Age: 18-25
  • Completion time: 5-10 minutes

BSS (Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation)

An evaluation that helps measure a broad spectrum of attitudes and behaviors clinicians routinely consider when assessing a patient's suicide risk.

  • Age: 17-80
  • Completion time: 5 minutes

BAI (Beck Anxiety Inventory®)

A brief, criteria-referenced assessment for measuring anxiety severity and level, with patients responding to 21 items rated on a scale from 0 to 3.

  • Age: 17-80
  • Completion time: 5 minutes/inventory

BHS (Beck Hopelessness Scale®)

Measures attitudes about the future. It can be administered with the BDI®-2 and BSS® for a complete evaluation.

  • Age: 17-80
  • Completion time: 5 minutes

BDI-2 (Beck Depression Inventory®-2)

A brief, criteria-referenced assessment for measuring depression severity. This widely used instrument for detecting depression is more clinically sensitive than ever.

  • Age: 13-80
  • Completion time: 5 minutes

BYI-2 (Beck Youth Inventories,™ Second Edition)

Uses five self-report inventories to assess symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, disruptive behavior, and self-concept.

  • Age: 7-18
  • Completion time: 5 minutes/inventory

Brown EF/A Scales™ (Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales)

Goes beyond other measures to screen and assess a wider range of impairments of executive functioning and attention.

  • Age: 3+
  • Completion time: 10-25 minutes

D-REF (Delis-Rating of Executive Functions)

Quickly and easily administer, score, and report the frequency of observed behaviors that identify executive function problems in children and teens.

  • Age: 5-18
  • Completion time: 5-10 minutes per form

D-REF Adult (Delis-Rating of Executive Functions, Adult)

Quickly and easily administer, score, and report the frequency of observed behaviors that identify executive function problems in adults.

  • Age: 19-79
  • Completion time: 10-15 minutes

MCCI (Millon® College Counseling Inventory)

A multi-dimensional personality assessment that can help address struggling students' concerns and get them back to a healthy state of mind.

  • Age: 16-40
  • Completion time: 20-25 minutes

QOLI (Quality of Life Inventory)

A psychological assessment of well-being and satisfaction with life and yields an overall score based on the "Sweet 16" areas that make up quality of life, including love, work and play.

  • Age: 17+
  • Completion time: 5 minutes

Q-global Platform

Q-global is Pearson's web-based system for test administration, scoring and reporting. Mental health specialists, educators, and other professionals use the Q-global® testing system to quickly and efficiently administer assessments, generate scores, and produce reports. Q-global houses the industry's gold standard in assessment tools and is accessible from any computer, any time.

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