Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale | Fifth Edition

Presenter(s): Selina Oliver, NCSP

WAIS®-5 features 15 new Ancillary Index Scales in the areas of Expanded Index Scores, Domain-Specific Index Scores, and Summary Index Scores. This overview of the new Ancillary Index Scales will provide clinicians with guidance on which should be used and how they are connected to the referral question and specific clinical conditions.

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Presenter(s): Cliff Wigtil, M.A., M.Sci.Ed

In this webinar, descriptions of the new WAIS®-5 subtests’ content, materials, administration, and scoring will be reviewed. Distinctions will be drawn between digital and paper administration and general tips will be provided to ensure you have confidence in smooth and efficient administration.

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Presenter(s): Gail Rodin, PhD

Get an overview of the new WAIS-5, with a focus on features that make it the most comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use cognitive ability measure available. Participants will also be familiarized with the benefits related to the normative sample, test structure, administration time, reliability and validity, special group studies, new subtests, and new Primary and Ancillary Index Scores.

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