Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory-II

Presenter(s): Dr. Robert Tringone

This one-hour webinar will present intriguing findings for a juvenile justice group from the MACI®-II standardization sample vs matched controls. Focusing on how the MACI-II assesses trauma symptoms within the context of emerging personality types, an illustrative case will be presented.

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Presenter(s): Robert Tringone, PhD

This webinar will provide more than a simple overview of the MACI-II. Dr. Tringone will review comparisons with its predecessor and other self-report measures while highlighting relevant normative data and trends. Additionally, two case examples will illustrate how identifying an adolescent’s personality type can enhance one’s understanding of behavior patterns and mood states while formulating treatment plans.  

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Presenter(s): Dr. Seth Grossman, PsyD

Dr. Grossman will provide an aspirational collaborative framework for using information from the MCMI-IV & MACI-II to help clients gain a more equitable sense of self in uncertain times, help identify & re-establish a sense of normalcy, and seek to promote resilience and avert mental health crises.

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The Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory – II (MACI-II) was specifically developed to address the unique concerns, pressures, and situations that today’s teenagers face. This webinar introduces clinicians to the updates to the MACI-II, such as several new clinical scales and validity measures, the modified scoring system, and revamped treatment guides. A case study will be presented to illustrate the instrument’s interpretive steps, with a systematic review of the different sections, including the clinical scales, diagnostic considerations, noteworthy responses, and treatment guides.

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