Behavior webinars

Presenter(s): Kathleen Woodward, Ed.S., NCSP, and Chris Huzinec

Children diagnosed with ADHD have been shown to be at risk for lower-than-expected academic achievement and educational attainment. This intermediate session will help practitioners identify specific impairments and the severity of impact on functioning and enable them to develop targeted interventions.  

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Presenter(s): Selina Oliver, Ellen Murphy

Common anxiety look-alikes, such as ADHD, sensory processing deficits, and depression, make the determination of an anxiety disorder, and the appropriate relief, more difficult to ascertain. This CE webinar will discuss best assessment practices to help parse out some of these look-alike conditions.  

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Presenter(s): Chris Huzinec

Young children who have challenging behavior are more likely to continue to have problems with socialization, school success, and mental health concerns into adolescence and adulthood. This presentation examines how behavioral screeners and assessments, best practices in classroom management, evidence-based behavioral supports, and social/emotional learning instruction can be coordinated within a program to support children’s social, emotional, and behavior needs.  

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