Personality & Biopsychosocial webinars

Presenter(s): Kathleen Woodward, Ed.S., NCSP, and Chris Huzinec

Children diagnosed with ADHD have been shown to be at risk for lower-than-expected academic achievement and educational attainment. This intermediate session will help practitioners identify specific impairments and the severity of impact on functioning and enable them to develop targeted interventions.  

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Presenter(s): Dr. Robert Tringone

This one-hour webinar will present intriguing findings for a juvenile justice group from the MACI®-II standardization sample vs matched controls. Focusing on how the MACI-II assesses trauma symptoms within the context of emerging personality types, an illustrative case will be presented.

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Presenter(s): Martin Sellbom, PhD

This advanced forensic webinar is intended for practitioners who wish to know more about the benefits of using the MMPI-3 in forensic settings. Join Dr. Martin Sellbom of the University of Otago (New Zealand) as he discusses some general considerations for using the test in forensic psychology practice and offers illustrative case comparisons that demonstrate how using the MMPI-3 can enhance clinical effectiveness and efficiency.

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Presenter(s): Yossef S. Ben-Porath, PhD

This webinar presentation provides a brief overview of the MMPI-3, the most up-to-date, newly-normed version of the MMPI. The test co-author will describe the rationale for, and methods used to develop the MMPI-3, as well as materials available to score and interpret the MMPI-3 in mental health, medical, forensic, and public safety settings. The webinar will finish with an author Q&A session.

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Presenter(s): Anne-Marie Kimbell, PhD and Peter Entwistle, PhD

This webinar will explore the topic of presurgical assessment and will provide information about several assessment tools that can help the clinician understand these biopsychosocial variables and how they can predict outcomes.  

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Presenter(s): Dr. Seth Grossman, PsyD

Dr. Grossman will provide an aspirational collaborative framework for using information from the MCMI-IV & MACI-II to help clients gain a more equitable sense of self in uncertain times, help identify & re-establish a sense of normalcy, and seek to promote resilience and avert mental health crises.

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