Past webinars

Presenter(s): Daniella Maglione, Ed.S. , Gloria Maccow, Ph.D.

This webinar will describe a best-practices approach that takes cultural and linguistic factors into account when assessing ELL students. This approach produces valid assessment results to determine eligibility for direct specialized instruction, identify cognitive and academic strengths and needs, and assist in reducing the misidentification of ELLs for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs.

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Presenter(s): Martin Sellbom, PhD

This advanced forensic webinar is intended for practitioners who wish to know more about the benefits of using the MMPI-3 in forensic settings. Join Dr. Martin Sellbom of the University of Otago (New Zealand) as he discusses some general considerations for using the test in forensic psychology practice and offers illustrative case comparisons that demonstrate how using the MMPI-3 can enhance clinical effectiveness and efficiency.

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Presenter(s): Chris Huzinec

Traditional exclusionary disciplinary actions negatively impact all students. Unfortunately, these practices are most often used with students who can least afford to miss out on the instructional process, such as minorities, economically disadvantaged students, and students served in special education. This presentation uses the evaluation of a MTSS program to illustrate a systemic approach to reducing disciplinary actions, including identifying implicit bias, applying restorative justice, and integrating dispositional discipline data in a school’s data-driven decision-making process.  

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