• Learning Recovery: What Cohorts are Most Affected and How Can Educators Close the Gap?

    by Kristina Breaux, PhD, Principal Research Director, Education Portfolio

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    As schools grapple with the after-effects of the pandemic, they’re focused on potential learning gaps, especially among certain demographics. It’s an issue they’re eager to address, and one that has captured our focus at Pearson. As a licensed special educator, learning disabilities specialist, researcher and published author, I have extensive experience teaching students but also conducting assessments, and my team at Pearson is seeing the effects of learning loss up close.

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  • Have you registered for Science to Practice?

    by Kristina Breaux, PhD, Principal Research Director, Education Portfolio

    Kristina Breaux, PhD

    Full disclosure: Yes, I will be presenting at S2P 2021, LDA’s inaugural Science to Practice virtual conference January 21–24, 2021. That being said, even if I weren’t presenting, this event would be on my short list of conferences to attend.

    Here’s why...

    S2P is laser focused on research and practice.

    An entire conference — not just a track — dedicated to LD research and practice! This defined area of focus allows us to go so much deeper into the issues, and as an added bonus, S2P isn’t afraid to address the controversies! As a researcher, I’m so excited to participate in a conference that will address issues from all sides.

    It’s THE who’s who in SLD identification — all together at one conference!

    What other conference allows you to hear from LD experts like H. Lee Swanson and Doug Fuchs? I’ve been in this field for a long time and I’d typically have to attend multiple conferences to have access to all these experts!

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