• Exploring the Impact of SEL on Student Mental Health

    by Elizabeth Shanley, Clinical Assessment Consultant at Pearson

    Diverse group of kids having a discussion together

    Student mental health took a hit during the pandemic — the result of school closures, disrupted routines, more time spent alone, and, in many cases, hardship in their families and communities. A recent Pew Research Center report found that nearly half of teachers say students’ anxiety and depression is a major issue at school, with that share rising to 69% and 57% for high school and middle school teachers, respectively.

    Fortunately, schools are in a prime position to equip students with the tools they need to productively cope with stress and adversity. For example, helping students develop strong social-emotional learning (SEL) skills by building their personal and interpersonal capacities empowers them to recognize and manage their emotions, maintain healthy relationships and make responsible decisions — all of which can have a direct, positive impact on mental health.

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