Review360 for Speech Language Pathologists

Review360® for Speech Language Pathologists helps meet data monitoring and compliance requirements and realize developmental progress for students with speech, language, and hearing disorders.

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Product Details

This web-based solution delivers the tools and resources necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes for students, staff, and schools. Quickly access objective, visually appealing progress monitoring reports, a goal bank, and evidence-based intervention options with Review360 for SLPs.


  • Efficiently track interventions and progress monitor.
  • Keep the entire team informed, including parents, with visual and engaging report options.
  • Change plans or recommendations based on real-time data at each reporting period.
  • Ideal for telepractice and face-to-face intervention.
  • Customize and create easy short-term goals within long-term IEP goals.


Review360 for SLPs features:

  • Thorough reporting at individual and group levels.
  • Individualized planning.
  • A menu of customizable long-term and annual goals tied to Common Core Standards.
  • Web-based procedures for reporting and progress monitoring.
  • Access to 24/7 training videos and other resources.

Sample Reports

The following sample reports are available.




Select a question below to see the response.    


Is there a license for the program?  If I purchase an individual 'account', can I download it onto my iPad and laptop?

The level of independence that you might set in a goal stays in place from session to session unless you have benchmarks/milestones set along the way. Once the student reaches a benchmark, the goal will shift to the next level of difficulty or independence, depending on how you modified the milestones within the goal. The level of independence or scaffolding needed during the session is recorded after each session as a reflection of the student’s performance in that session—it will likely change as your intervention progresses.

Is there a free trial for Review360 for SLPs?

We don’t offer demo accounts at this time. Instead, we offer three options for you: 1) A recorded webinar [link] that shows the live system at work throughout the webinar, 2) A demo video which shows all the features and functionality of Review360 for SLPs (See Resources tab on this page), and 3) Sample Reports from the system (also on the Resources tab on this page). Our demo system is reserved for our sales staff to use in district-level presentations. If you would like a large group demo across your district staff and administrators, please contact us at:

Is the pricing for Review360 for SLPs per SLP or district or school?

The $149/year fee is a special introductory price for each SLP to use on an unlimited number of students throughout the school year.

Can one SLP purchase Review360 for SLPs and use independently?


Working with Goals

Are there pragmatics goals in Review360 for SLPs?

There are 40 long-term goals in the Language area. Yes, there are several long-term goals for pragmatics which you can use as is or modify as needed.

Can you copy and paste these goals into an IEP or IEP program?

Yes, Review360 allows you to copy goals. You may copy and paste them one by one into your IEP or IEP program. Additionally, you can also copy and paste goals from IEP into Review360 in the goal individualization/edit objective window.

My district has goals /objectives they recommend we use which are listed in a separate document or on our website.  Can those goals be cut/pasted into Review360 or does it have to be typed in?

Yes, you can cut and paste them one at a time, for each student. However, there is no “upload” of a bank of objectives to replace the ones in Review360. Keep in mind that no matter what goal “list” you use, clinically speaking, you should always customize every goal for each student.

I'm trying to imagine the amount of time it would take to set all this up for 50+ different students with 2-3 goals each. Does it really save that much time throughout the year that makes it worth the initial investment?

It depends on how you plan to input your students and goals, of course. You may have the ability to ask an SLPA or district personnel to help you enter the students and goals. Or you may want to enter your students/goals yourself so you can design your evidence-based intervention strategies within the pool of content in Review360. Further, only doing one level of data collection (at the individual session level, vs. monthly and/or quarterly monitoring/reporting) allows you to easily roll into different reporting needs across your work. We’ve learned that a large percentage of SLPs spend over 20 minutes preparing progress reporting for each student’s IEP meeting. That’s far more than it will take to set up a student in Review360. True, the most effort is up front, but it pays dividends after that.

Can you add other long term goals besides the goals that are in the goal bank?

Yes, you may modify existing goal bank objectives in any way you'd like.

Does Review360 for SLPs include an alarm feature that alerts you to a goal or objective you haven't addressed in a while?

Not exactly.  However, there are several reports you can run and schedule for reporting on a regular basis to help you track student plan progress. Seeing a report with no data in it would be a trigger to remind you to work on a goal!


I saw the chart with Common Core alignment of goals, but if I recall correctly, it did not give the specific reference (i.e., domain/grade with numeral and letter reference). My district requires specific reference when developing IEP's. Why didn’t you add the exact references?

We didn't put the exact numbers in because as you'll see, one of the Review360 goals may cross several grades of the CCSS. We didn't want to clutter the document with all those numbers, especially when you look at some of the goals aligning across the academic experience. So, for example:

Review360 for SLPs articulation goal:

“Produce phonemes correctly in connected speech”

CCSS goal that aligns in grades 3-5:

"Speak clearly at an understandable pace"

This goal alignment could apply to:


Report on a topic or text, tell a story, or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking clearly at an understandable pace.


Report on a topic or text, tell a story, or recount an experience in an organized manner, using appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details to support main ideas or themes; speaking clearly at an understandable pace.


Report on a topic or text or present an opinion, sequencing ideas logically and using appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details to support main ideas or themes; speaking clearly at an understandable pace.

Does this program cover Pre-K (3-6 year olds)?

Yes, you may collect data and monitor progress on any age child, student, or client. Some of the embedded goals in the system are pre-linguistic. In addition, any goal can be modified for earlier or more advanced skills.

Does this program also work with PT and OT?

Review360 for SLPs was designed with content specifically for the speech-language pathologist. If you have an interest in OT and PT modules/content, please contact us 

Where is the link to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)?

The alignment of Review360 for SLPs goals to the CCSS can be found on this product page under the Resources tab.

Are the stimulus materials available for students?

The evidence-based interventions (strategies) that are included in Review360 for SLPs often have procedural guidelines that are provided based in the evidence. Suggestions are provided for stimulus content as appropriate. In many cases, you have the flexibility to choose your favorite intervention materials (apps, games, paper-based, etc.) that will facilitate the evidence-based strategy.


How do I add students when we don't have student numbers from which to locate a name?

You may add any student number that you wish. You have to create some type of unique identifier for each student, but it can be anything, as long as it isn't a duplicate of another student. Easy!

If a data error entry is made, and "saved" in the program, can I go back and correct the information?

Yes, you can always change/correct the information you add to Review360.​

Is there tech support provided 24/7/365 for using Review 360?

There are numerous video-based tutorials for common tasks available 24/7/365 within the system. Human, real-time tech support​ is extended daytime hours, 7am through 6pm Central Time.

What about student confidentiality when sending data via email to parents?

Review360 for SLPs will generate an email to the guardians that are selected to receive the email.  Emails from Review360 should be treated like any other non encrypted email that is sent. As an SLP, you would have to choose to send it and to whom to send on a case-by-base basis.

Is Review360 for SLPs a real-time data collection system?

Review360 can be used as a real-time data collection system or you can take data in paper and input later.

Can you export and share data as student grows and moves between SLPs—that is, can you “hand off” a student and his/her data to another SLP?

Yes, absolutely. You simply need to add the new SLP to the student’s plan. It only takes a few clicks to do so.

Does Review360 have a feature that allows you to stop/start the data collection quarterly without making a new set of goals for each student - or can you select the date range you want to calculate?

Yes! You can select any date range that has the data you wish to analyze or report. You can just keep taking session-level data and then report out as needed.

Does Review360 have a parent portal that allows you to send a link to parents to see their child's data whenever they would like?

No, not at this time. But you can email a report to a parent or guardian at any time from within the system, with their permission.

Can you share a child's data collection screen with another professional such as a self-contained teacher?  We would like to take data on the same set of goals.

Yes, you will just need to add that teacher to the student’s plan if the teacher has a license for Review360 for SLPs.

Is there an option for noting when the professional is absent or was called away for a meeting and missed the session?

Yes, you may mark a session as “absent” for the following reasons: Student Illness, Excused, Unexcused, Off Campus Suspension, On Campus Suspension, Other.

What security measures do you have in place to ensure the safety of the data and student information?

See the “Technical Requirements/Security” document under the Resources tab.

What happens to your data if you use the system and then you decide not to use it - what would happen to the data?

The account is inactivated. The data is archived in our system and inaccessible through the Review360 interface to any users.

Is the data stored in the Cloud?

All data for Review360 is stored on our servers and you can access it at any time as long as you have a Review360 account.

Are the visuals/charts/graphs clear and understandable if printed in black and white rather than in color?

Yes. If you look at the sample reports on the bottom of the Resources tab, none of them require color to be meaningful. ​

Do I need to get permission from my district in order to transfer names, identifying information, goals, etc. into Review 360?

This is a question for your district. In general, we would recommend a strategy where you didn't use full names in Review360, but you could either use student initials only or a unique code with the demographics to separate any personally identifying information (PII). Every district has different rules around student data, and your safest bet is to verify how your district would want you to proceed.​

Is Review360 for SLPs directly connected to any other digital systems?

Not at this time, unless you are with a school district that is already using Review360 for other types of students and your district is already importing users and students. Otherwise, SLP users are given a one-time way to upload users and students via Excel spreadsheet.

Using Review360 for SLPs

I, like most SLP's, will need to record data initially on paper and then transfer to Review 360. Does the program provide a paper data form (with goals/objectives, student name, etc.) which can be printed after the initial data is entered into the system? It would be nice if a basic data sheet (for paper entry of initial responses) could be generated from your program.

Yes, please see the sample “Blank Scoring Sheet” on the Resources tab.

Could you use Review360 for SLPs in wider applications outside your caseload?

Yes. Data collection, in general, is relatively universal. You might choose to use Review360 for SLPs with students on your caseload or those you are supporting through an RTI/MTSS model in general education. You may have other applications in your work where it also may make sense to use this tool. You will be able to do this by individualizing the existing student objectives selections to meet your specific student need.

Can you put kids into groups to gather data while they are being seen a group?

Review360 for SLPs currently does not have a specific way to enter data real-time on more than one student simultaneously, such as during a group session. The best suggestions right now include two options:

  1. Take data on paper for each student in the group and input into Revew360 after the session
  2. Designate a certain number of minutes during that group session for each student, and take the data digitally for each student during those minutes. It's easy to switch between students using the "home" button and the "quick list" of students on the home screen. You can also create “groups of students” using the filter feature to quickly access a set of students on your widgets and reports.

My special education teachers use Review360 for behavior monitoring. Is this the same program?

Yes, but a different product on the overall Review360 platform.

Do you have to be online to record data?

Yes, Review360 is a web-based system. If you take your data on paper, then of course that is offline. If you want to record data directly in the system, however, you need to have internet connectivity.

Is Review360 for SLPs Medicaid compliant?

At this time, Review360 does not track time spent with the student (in minutes) to auto calculate minutes or billing.  However, you are able to track student data and run student progress reports to aid in Medicaid reporting. You can also add minutes/time spent into the notes field for each session.

Can you take data digitally during the actual session, instead of inputting later on in the day?

Yes! You could use either the X out of X or Trials scoring options for live, online data collection.

Is there an activity section where we can note the materials used for the session?

Yes! There is a notes section for each session option for you to record anything you wish about the session.

Can this also be used for private clinics? We do monthly therapy plans and re-evals every 6 months.

Yes! You can certainly use Review360 for SLPs in your setting.

What are three common questions a parent or related professional might ask about the progress of a student in intervention?

Is the student making progress on all, some, or none of the goals? What is the trend of progress over time? What level of support is currently required to have success on each goal for this student?

Do you set the level of independence before each session or save it and not have do it every session?

The level of independence that you might set in a goal stays in place from session to session unless you have benchmarks/milestones set along the way. Once the student reaches a benchmark, the goal will shift to the next level of difficulty or independence, depending on how you modified the milestones within the goal. The level of independence or scaffolding needed during the session is recorded after each session as a reflection of the student’s performance in that session—it will likely change as your intervention progresses.

Spanish/other languages or dialects

I have a student who uses Spanish-influenced English or African-American English. How can I adapt my progress monitoring to account for acceptable dialectical variations?

You will want to account for acceptable dialectical variations in your data collection process and make notes accordingly in each session. You may customize any and all objectives, where appropriate, to specifically call-out these dialectical variations as you create your plan of work.

Does Review360 for SLPs also include the phonetic symbols for languages other than English such as Spanish?

The existing objective/goal bank does reference phonetic symbols when necessary. However, we do not currently have these translated to Spanish or the Spanish phonetic symbols. However, you are able to create your own version of each objective in Spanish if you have the Spanish translation and symbols. This is done on the objective individualization window.



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