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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool-3


Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® Preschool-3 (CELF® Preschool-3) assesses aspects of language necessary for preschool children to be successful in the classroom.

Age range:

3:0 to 6:11

Publication date:

Summer 2020

Qualification level:


Completion time:

Level 1: 15-20 minutes. Entire test: variable


Verbal response to stimulus picture


Core language score; receptive and expressive language index scores; expressive language, language content, and language structure index scores; standard scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents, and growth scores.


700 preschool-age children ages 3:0 to 6:11

Other languages:

See CELF Preschool-2 Spanish

Product Details

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CELF Preschool-3 features all of the benefits of CELF® Preschool-2 — PLUS:

  • New norms based on current census data
  • Digital Manual, Stimulus Book, and scoring and reporting available on Q-global®
  • Additional ways to assess connected speech and communication in context
  • Updated art