Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool-2 Spanish

CELF Preschool-2 Spanish
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® Preschool-2 Spanish is a comprehensive language evaluation for Spanish-speaking preschool children. CELF Preschool-2 Spanish is a parallel edition to the CELF Preschool-2, not a translation. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

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  • CELF Preschool-2 Spanish Kit
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    Includes: Manual, 25 Record Forms, Spanish Stimulus Manual, 25 Rating Scale Forms

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  • CELF Preschool-2 Spanish Stimulus Manual
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  • CELF Preschool-2 Spanish Q-global Examiner's Manual (Digital)
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  • CELF Preschool-2 Spanish Q-global Stimulus Book (Digital)
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Age range:

3:0 to 6:11

Publication date:


Qualification level:


Completion time:

Level 1: 15—20 minutes. Entire test: variable


Verbal response to stimulus pictures


Core language score, receptive and expressive language index scores, expressive language, language content, and language structure index scores; standard scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents, and growth scores.

Scoring options:

 Manual Scoring


More than 450 preschool-age children, including both monolingual and bilingual Spanish-speaking children


Guidance on using this test in your telepractice

Product Details

CELF Preschool-2 Spanish includes a variety of subtests that provide in-depth assessment of a child's language skills.


  • Test for the presence of a language disorder in just 20 minutes (Level 1 assessment).
  • Determine the nature of disorders (Level 2 assessment).
  • Pinpoint the critical clinical skills or behaviors that underlie disorders (Level 3 assessment).
  • Evaluate how the disorder affects classroom performance (Level 4 assessment).
  • Provides growth scores and charts, and valuable guidance in key areas such as test administration procedures, establishing and maintaining rapport with the child, appropriate cuing, and redirection.


Items are ordered by difficulty based on research conducted with more than 900 monolingual and bilingual preschoolers throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. CELF Preschool-2 Spanish provides the four levels of assessment via ten subtests:

  • Conceptos básicos (Basic Concepts) and Conceptos y siguiendo direcciones (Concepts and Following Directions)
  • Estructura de palabras (Word Structure) and Clases de palabras (Word Classes)
  • Recordando oraciones (Recalling Sentences) and Estructura de oraciones (Sentence Structure)
  • Vocabulario expresivo (Expressive Vocabulary) and Conocimiento fonológico (Phonological Awareness)
  • Escala de valoración del alfabetización temprana (Early Literacy Rating Scale)
  • Clasifi cación pragmática (Descriptive Pragmatics Profile)


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