Speech & Language webinars

Presenter(s): Wayne A. Secord, PhD, CCC-SLP, Patricia Ybarra, MS, CCC-SLP, and Nancy Castilleja, MA CCC-SLP

This webinar will provide information about using performance indicators in the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool (3rd ed.; CELF® Preschool–3) that provide clinicians with information about the language skills children need to succeed in their Pre-K or K–2 classrooms. Selected subtests that focus on semantic, pragmatic, and early literacy skills will be described, with information on how these subtests link to the curriculum. Two case studies will be presented.  

Presenter(s): Kyra Minichan, MA, CCC-SLP, Katarina Holm Rannaleet

During this one-hour webinar, we will hear from two Cogmed experts, Katarina Holm Rannaleet and Kyra Minichan. Katarina will highlight Cogmed features and benefits after which Kyra will share how she successfully used Cogmed in her private practice.


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