Telepractice webinars

Presenter(s): Anne-Marie Kimbell, PhD & Chris Huzenic, MSed

The COVID-19 emergency has rapidly increased the use of telepractice when providing assessments. This webinar will provide an overview of the many Pearson telepractice resources that have been created for this use. Decisions and considerations for providing a remote assessment session will also be covered.  

Presenter(s): Daniella Maglione, Chris Huzenic, Laura Moreno

Preparing for and executing a remote assessment session can be complex. This webinar will cover several steps that should be taken prior to offering this type of test administration. We will also offer tips to help the session run smoothly.

Presenter(s): Susie Raiford, PhD, Anne-Marie Kimbell, Maggie Kjer PhD, Pat Moran PhD., Liz Grose SSP, NCSP, Lynsey Psimas PhD, NCSP, Kathleen Woodward EdS, NCSP

With the increasing need to conduct assessments via telepractice, many are wondering how to use the WAIS-IV, WASI-II, and WISC–V remotely. Join us as we discuss this with Wechsler Research Director, Dr. Susie Raiford. We will learn the answer to this question and more!


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