Collaborating with an Interpreter During Bilingual Assessments Webinar (Recording)

Presenter(s): Shannon Wang, MA, CCC-SLP, Senior Research Director and Patricia Ybarra, MS, CCC-SLP, Research Director

Currently there are not enough multilingual examiners to conduct multilingual assessments. This presentation will look at how to properly collaborate with an interpreter during multilingual assessments.  

Despite the great need for proper assessments of multilingual individuals, the truth is that there are simply not enough properly trained multilingual examiners. When a multilingual examiner is unavailable, some examiners seek out the help of multilingual interpreters. However, asking a multilingual staff member down the hall is not enough. This presentation will address how to collaborate with an interpreter in order to make sure that your assessment results are accurate. We will cover both language and cultural factors important to proper assessment.  


Collaborating with an Interpreter During Bilingual Assessments
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