Test of Early Written Language | Third Edition


Test of Early Written Language | Third Edition (TEWL-3) assesses basic, contextual, and overall writing skills.

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  • Test of Early Written Language-Third Edition (TEWL-3) Complete Kit
    0158016483 Qualification Level B

    Includes: Examiner’s Manual, 10 Administration/Record Booklets (Form A), 10 Administration/Record Booklets (Form B), 10 Student Workbooks (Form A), 10 Student Workbooks (Form B), and 3 Picture Cards, all in a sturdy storage box.

    In stock $304.00

  • Test of Early Written Language-Third Edition (TEWL-3) Student Workbook Form A
    0158016491 Qualification Level B

    Pkg of 10

    In stock $72.50

  • Test of Early Written Language-Third Edition (TEWL-3) Administration/Record Booklet Form A
    0158016556 Qualification Level B

    Pkg of 10

    In stock $38.80


Age range:
4:0 – 10:11
Publication date:
Qualification level:
Completion time:
30 to 50 minutes

Product Details

TEWL-3 includes three subtests: basic writing, contextual writing, and normative writing.


  • Administered independently to measure a child’s understanding of language and ability to use the writing tools of language, construct a story, or overall writing ability.
  • Perfectly aligns with TOWL-4 and extends the assessment range to younger children.
  • Presents validity based on correlations with age, grade, cognitive ability, achievement, and group discrimination, and on the correlation of individual test items with total test scores.


Item types were selected only if recognized experts in the field have related them to developing literacy abilities

  • Two forms (Form A and Form B) are now available with item prompts in color.
  • All new contextual writing prompts.
  • The total number of items was increased to 70 for the Basic Writing subtest and to 20 for the Contextual Writing subtest.
  • Expanded age ranges now cover ages 4-0 through 11-11.
  • More specific and detailed revised scoring for the Contextual Writing items and instructions for both subtests.
  • The results of differential item functioning analysis are reported suggesting no biased items.
  • Norms represent more than 2,085 children from 30 states and British Columbia, Canada.