Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire | Fifth Edition


Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire Fifth Edition Fifth Edition (16pf®) is an assessment of normal personality used in multiple settings. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

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16PF 5th Karson Clinical Report Q-global Starter Kit
63008 Qualification Level B

Includes Manual (Print), 2 Answer Sheets (Print), 1 Test Booklet (Print), and 2 Q-global report usages




Publication date:
Age range:
Individuals 16 years and older
Reading level:
5th Grade
Qualification level:
Completion time:
35–50 minutes (185 multiple-choice items, with an additional 26 multiple-choice items in the Couples'' Counseling Report)
Trademark information:
"16PF" is a registered trademark and "Sixteen Personality Factor" is a trademark of the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, Inc.

Guidance on using this test in your telepractice

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Product Details

Since its introduction more than 40 years ago, the 16pf instrument has been widely used for a variety of applications, including treatment planning and couples' counseling and to provide support for vocational guidance, hiring and promotion recommendations.


  • Provides information for general vocational guidance to help determine occupations for which the individual is best suited.
  • Assists with personnel selection and career development through measurement of five primary management dimensions frequently identified to forecast management potential and style.
  • Assists with clinical diagnosis, prognosis and therapy planning.
  • Identify personality factors that may predict marital compatibility and satisfaction.
  • Identify students with potential academic, emotional, and social problems.


The 16pf Fifth Edition includes significant enhancements to the 16pf Fourth Edition without changing the basic structure.

  • New Global Factors scale combine related primary scales into global factors of personality.
  • Five distinct report options give the test utility in a wide variety of settings.
  • The Couple's Counseling Report includes an easy-to-understand narrative summary of results to share with the couple.
  • Obscure relationship between test items and traits measured makes it difficult for the test taker to deliberately tailor responses to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Simpler, shorter questions with updated language and consistent response format.
  • New norms reflecting the 2000 census data on age, sex, race, and education level; and updated item text.
  • Separate-gender norms are available only on Q Local. Combined-gender norms are available on both Q-global and Q Local.



Find out how to use this test in your telepractice.

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  • Bipolar Dimensions of Personality
  • Global Factors
  • Criterion Scores
  • Vocational Themes
  • Validity Scales
  • Degree of Compatibility
  • Couple’s Compatibility Score
  • Leadership Scores

Sample Reports

Profile and Interpretive Reports: Cover the basic 16 personality scores.

Management Potential Report: Designed for use by industrial and organizational professionals to help support hiring and promotion recommendations.

Couple’s Counseling Report: Easy-to-understand narrative to share with the couple that presents information about their relationship history and their current level of satisfaction.

Clinical Report: Designed for use by psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric social workers. Helpful for diagnostic support and treatment planning.

The following sample reports are available.


Notice: Use of psychological tests in employment-related situations may be subject to certain laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended; and state law.


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