Rorschach Technique


Rorschach® Technique is the most widely used projective test in diagnosing and treating individuals with a variety of psychological problems and psychiatric disorders. 

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  • Rorschach Workbook (Print)
    0158688848 Qualification Level C

    5th Edition by John E. Exner, Jr.


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  • Rorschach Summary Forms Qty 100 (Print)
    0158688856 Qualification Level C

    2000 Edition by John E. Exner, Jr.


  • Rorschach Quality Pocket Guide (Print)
    43006 Qualification Level C

    3rd Edition


  • Rorschach Volume 1 Basic Foundations (Print)
    43007 Qualification Level C

    4th Edition, hardcover


  • Rorschach Plates (Print)
    0158689097 Qualification Level C


  • Rorschach Recording Blanks Qty 100 (Print)
    0158689119 Qualification Level C



Publication date:
Age range:
5 years to adult
Qualification level:
10 inkblot designs
In Exner Vol. 1 and Workbook

Product Details

The Rorschach Technique requires examinees to respond to 10 unique inkblot designs.


  • Diagnose and treat individuals with a variety of psychological problems and psychiatric disorders.
  • Apply to a wide age range with fairly quick administration time.


The Rorschach: A Comprehensive System includes procedures that emphasize the interpretation of useful clusters of data. The system features the Structural Summary Blank, which includes: 

  • Identifying data
  • Sequence of scores
  • Structural summary
  • Ratio and percentages