Sigma Survey for Police Officers


Sigma Survey for Police Officers (SSPO) provides a relevant, reliable tool to help select and place qualified police and security officers.


Publication date:


Age range:

Individuals 18 years and older

Reading level:

9th Grade

Qualification level:
Completion time:

35 minutes timed (74 multiple-choice items)


Paper-and-pencil or computer administration

Scoring options:

Q Local Software or Automated Fax-in Scoring Service

Report options:

Profile Report

Product Details

Developed by Douglas N. Jackson, PhD, an international expert in personnel assessment, the SSPO test helps police chiefs, security administrators, and hiring managers evaluate a candidate's skills.


  • Select candidates with the practical, problem-solving ability required to solve on-the-job problems arising in incidents and to act appropriately and with sound judgment.
  • Identify candidates with the skills to write meaningful, credible incident reports that may become permanent records in investigations and court proceedings.


The SSPO test evaluates skills in two critical areas: incident report writing and problem solving. 

  • Incident Report Writing section: helps evaluate the candidate's ability to write effective reports by assessing spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills. 
  • Problem Solving section: helps measure the candidate's use of appropriate judgment by presenting scenarios requiring a decision by an officer. 
  • Test items have been carefully selected for job relevance, increasing the instrument's acceptability to candidates and employers and its ability to withstand legal challenges.
  • Easy-to-read results compare candidates to a large database of police officer candidates.
  • The overall score is based on the scores of Total Writing Aptitude and Officer Problem Solving.
  • Normed on a contemporary sample of 1,413 job candidates applying for the position of police officer.

Sample Reports

The following sample report is available for SSPO.

Profile Report