Devereux Behavior Rating Scale | School Form


The Devereux Behavior Rating Scale (DBRS™) School Form is used to detect severe emotional disturbances in students. It is based on federal criteria and can be used by educators, psychologists, guidance counselors, and other assessment professionals.

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Devereux BRS School Form Complete Kit (Print)
0158048059 Qualification Level B

Includes Manual (Print), 25 Child Ages 5-12 Ready Score Answer Documents and 25 Adolescent Ages 13-18 Ready Score Answer Documents




Age range:
5:0 - 18:0
Qualification level:
Completion time:
5 minutes
Separate by age and sex for both parent and teacher raters

Product Details

This 40-item scale is especially effective used in conjunction with other findings to monitor and evaluate progress during educational interventions, or to determine whether a seriously emotionally disturbed child or adolescent should be placed in a special education program.


  • Evaluate the existence of behaviors indicating severe emotional disturbance.
  • Get normative comparisons of behaviors.
  • Compare results across informants.
  • Assess an individual in a variety of settings.
  • Provides information for treatment planning.
  • Evaluate treatment effectiveness as a pre/post measure.


Two forms feature separate sets of items appropriate for children (5–12 years) and adolescents (13–18 years).

  • National standardization sample of more than 3,000 cases; separate norms for males and females for both parent and teacher raters.
  • Easy administration, scoring, and interpretation instructions.
  • Items and directions written at the sixth grade reading level.
  • Total Scale Score and Subscale Scores assist in eligibility determination.
  • Subscale Scores facilitate IEP development and preferred intervention design.
  • Problem Item Scores help identify specific problem behaviors for treatment.