Wechsler Individual Achievement Test | Fourth Edition: Dyslexia Index

WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index
  • Kristina C. Breaux, PhD
For clinical, educational, or research teams who need a brief, performance-based dyslexia screener--including the new Phonemic Proficiency subtest--for ages 4 through 50, the WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index is an individually administered tool that provides risk assessment, strength of risk, and interpretive information for team and parent/caregiver communication. The WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index is the most current version. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

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Publication date:
Age range:
4-50 (Grades PK-12+)
Standard score, percentile rank, confidence interval, descriptive classification, interpretive statement, history and background considerations, graphical profile
Qualification level:
Completion time:
About 5 minutes for PK-3; Less than 20 minutes for 4-12+
Q-interactive (administration only), Q-global (digital administration components), or paper-and-pencil
Scoring options:
Hand scoring

Product Details

The WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index helps identify risk for dyslexia among students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, or individuals ages 4 through 50.

Uses & Applications

The WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index may be used:

  • As an evidence-based dyslexia screener
  • To identify students who may benefit from a more comprehensive evaluation or assessment battery
  • For research


The WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index was designed to provide theoretically sound, reliable, and clinically sensitive composite scores for identifying risk for dyslexia across much of the age span. In 10 to 20 minutes or less, practitioners can obtain a Dyslexia Index score to screen for dyslexia and identify individuals who may benefit from a comprehensive evaluation or a more intensive intervention approach.

A single score such as the Dyslexia Index is not sufficient to diagnose dyslexia. Rather, a diagnosis of dyslexia is based on a convergence of evidence gathered from multiple sources. However, the Dyslexia Index results may contribute to a more in-depth evaluation using the WIAT-4.

Two Dyslexia Index scores are provided for the WIAT-4:

  • One for grades PK–3, and
  • Another for grades 4–12 and adults up to age 50 (indicated by 4–12+)

These Dyslexia Index scores are obtained by administering two or three subtests, respectively, from the WIAT-4.


The WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index: Grades PK–3 includes two subtests:

  • Phonemic Proficiency
  • Word Reading

This composite is available for students in Pre-kindergarten through Grade 3.

The WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index: Grades 4–12+ includes three subtests:

  • Word Reading
  • Orthographic Fluency
  • Pseudoword Decoding

This composite is available for students in Grades 4–12 as well as adults up to Age 50.

In addition to performance-based subtests, the WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index asks the examiner to document risk factors for dyslexia (e.g., family history of dyslexia) and exclusionary factors that may add to or lead away from a dyslexia risk classification (e.g., instructional, environmental/economic, or physical health factors).


Standalone report or part of a comprehensive WIAT-4 evaluation report
The report includes: History and Background Considerations, Dyslexia Index Summary Table, Dyslexia Index Graphical Profile, Subtest Standard Score Differences, an Interpretive Statement, and Suggested Next Steps.




The following training events are available for WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index Scores.