Porteus Maze

The Porteus Maze series is a brief, nonverbal test of mental ability that yields information useful in assessing a person’s ability to plan and to change problem-solving approaches. 

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  • Basic Set, Vineland Revision
    0158663101 Qualification Level C

    Includes mazes and 100 score sheets

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  • Basic Set, Porteus Maze Supplement
    0158663357 Qualification Level C

    Includes 100 each of eight mazes

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  • Porteus Maze Score Sheets
    0158663233 Qualification Level C

    Pad of 100

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Age range:
3 to 12, 14, and adults
Publication date:
Qualification level:
Vineland Revision: untimed; Extension and Supplement: 25 minutes each

Product Details

The series is based on extensive research with various populations and is relatively culture-free.


This cognitive measure has a variety of applications including:

  • Verbally impaired programs
  • Anthropological research
  • Studies of the effects of drugs and neurosurgery