Developmental Reading Assessment | Third Edition

DRA3 provides educators and their classrooms a criterion-based, authentic benchmark/interim assessment evaluating student reading level and reading behaviors in Kindergarten through Grade 8. DRA3 determines independent or instructional levels on reading engagement, oral reading fluency, and reading comprehension. For struggling readers, DRA3 helps create instructional groupings and informs instructional practice through progress monitoring and targeted skill-based interventions. The DRA3 Word Analysis is a collection of brief structured literacy assessment tasks with scripted lessons for instruction. The DRA3 is the most current version of the DRA. See our Guidance on using this assessment remotely.
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DRA3 Grades K-3 Benchmark Books Subscription 1 Year (Digital)
A103000232504 Qualification Level A

Includes teacher license for 2022–2023 academic year to access digital benchmark books; prior kit purchase required for administration and scoring




Qualification level:


Scoring options:

Manual or online

System requirements:

DRA3 can be used on a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Mac recommendations: Safari or Chrome. PC recommendations: Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Product Details

The DRA3 combines three decades of teacher input with the latest research to validate the premier reading assessment of individual student reading behaviors in the classroom.


DRA3 offers:

  • More than 100 fiction and nonfiction books to provide your students ample choices and more stories for each reading level
  • A word list screener to quickly estimate reading levels before you begin testing or for new students entering a school or district. Learn more about the Level estimator.
  • Teacher Observation Guides (record forms) to facilitate easier recording and efficient assigning of scores
  • Teacher Guides to ensure important administration procedures, decision points, and other information are all easier to find, understand, and implement with fidelity
  • Updated comprehension scoring criteria
  • Reading Engagement as an optional component of Benchmark Assessment
  • All complementary and paid training resources and related content for instruction and intervention are available online

With DRA3, teachers can:

  • Determine each student's independent or instructional reading level with an evaluation of three components of reading: reading engagement, oral reading fluency, and comprehension.
  • Quickly determine students' instructional needs to create a plan documenting what each student needs to learn next with the Focus for Instruction. Once the assessment is complete, teachers can use this information to differentiate instruction and create instructional groups.
  • As appropriate, a teacher can obtain more in-depth information for an individual student with DRA Word Analysis. This diagnostic assessment provides educators with a systematic means to observe how struggling and emerging readers attend to and work with various components of spoken and written words.


  • Level estimator
    Exclusive to DRA3! Save time to quickly identify estimated student reading levels before you begin testing. Learn more about the Level estimator, giving you an indication of where to begin instruction.

DRA3's consolidated digital offering:

  • Assess, score, report, access, and maintain student records all in one place through DRA3's new online platform! An online subscription for up to 30 students is included with each kit purchased. View the platform!
  • Provides educators data entry and administration in a new browser-based solution that can be used on any compatible device (e.g., laptop, desktop or tablet)
  • Offers expanded reporting options beyond those available from a paper-only assessment
  • Easily captures, stores, and reports DRA3 student data at the student, class, school, district, or even state level

DRA3's instructional guidance helps reading teachers interpret DRA3 scores and use them to improve classroom instruction by providing:

  • Comparisons to other familiar leveling systems
  • Strategies teachers can use to build customized lesson plans based on DRA3 student and classroom scores
  • Time-tested ideas introduced in DRA2's Focus for Instruction and Moving into Instruction components
  • Clearer guidance decision points for efficient and appropriate use of DRA3 Benchmark Assessment with Word Analysis and/or Progress Monitoring Assessment

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