An Introduction to the New EDQs on the BASC-3 Webinar (Recording)

Presenter(s): Dr. Cecil Reynolds, Dr. Randy Kamphaus, and Jessica Lascano

This one-hour session will cover the development of the new EDQs composite and controversy around definition of ED (Emotional Disturbance).

Students with Emotional Disturbance due to pervasive emotional, behavioral, and social issues often face a more difficult learning path than other students. Many BASC-3 customers have asked for a scale to aid in identifying students who qualify for added support so they can get the help they need to succeed.

This session will cover:

  • The development of the new EDQs composite Controversy around definition of ED (Emotional Disturbance)
  • Why it is important to distinguish between ED and SM (Social Maladjustment)
  • What sets EDQs apart from other tools