Presurgical psychological evaluation for spinal cord stimulation Webinar (Recording)

This advanced webinar focuses on the use of presurgical psychological evaluations to assess patients, as well as detailed information about designing effective treatment strategies based on personality and behavioral characteristics that may impact patient care and surgical outcomes.

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Presenter: Daniel Bruns, PsyD, FAPA

The current opioid crisis has led to increased interest in alternative forms of pain treatment. One of these is spinal cord stimulation (SCS), which is an electrical treatment for pain. Research studies on SCS have shown that while there is evidence that it can alleviate pain, there is also a significant risk of complications. Studies have also shown that SCS outcome can be predicted by psychological assessment methods.


Presurgical Psychological Evaluation: Case Demonstrations Using the MMPI-2-RF Spine Surgery and Spinal Cord Stimulator Candidate Interpretive Reports
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