Educational Practice in Dyslexia: Professional Roles and Knowledge Gaps Webinar (Recording)

Presenter(s): Tina Eichstadt and Adam Scheller

This webinar offers insights into practitioners' perspectives on dyslexia training needs, role clarification in practice settings, and best practice information.


Five webinars about dyslexia held in 2016-2017 were attended by 6,591 SLPs, psychologists, and special educators. Webinar data offered insights into practitioners' perspectives on dyslexia training needs and role clarification in practice settings. Presenters will discuss results, which suggests gaps between best practices in dyslexia and reports from individuals engaging in clinical practice.

Learner Outcomes

After the completion of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. List the two areas of dyslexia training practitioners request most often.
  2. Describe the knowledge gap identified by practitioners using scores for assessment and progress monitoring.
  3. Identify the role(s) practitioners currently play in inter-professional practice regarding dyslexia.


Webinar video
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