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Meet TELL,

the Test of English Language Learning for Grades K-12. It's unlike any test you've seen, touched, or heard. TELL is a tablet-delivered language proficiency assessment that's interactive, accurate, and reliable.

SCREEN and identify students' English language proficiency level and inform program decisions.

DIAGNOSE abilities and skill levels to establish a baseline at the beginning and compare with the end-of-the-year diagnostic to determine growth.

MONITOR PROGRESS and use key data to inform instruction throughout the year—a capability no other language assessment can provide.

Read it. Write it. Say it. Hear it. TELL it!

With TELL, English language learners (ELLs) watch exciting video clips and interact with pictures and words, then answer questions out loud. They listen, write, read and speak—all with no mark ups or grading by teachers. TELL's innovative speech recognition technology means scoring is automatic, and reporting results are available within minutes! TELL screens, diagnoses and monitors each ELL's progress throughout the year. While the clips below are not interactive, they provide examples of the exciting possibilities of TELL. To schedule a hands-on demo, contact us here.

"This year's program had some very stiff competition, hard decisions were made in selecting winners. The honorees here are among the best and brightest in the edtech space. Finalists and winners both represent an achievement. We're proud to honor these cool tools, leaders and trendsetters in education technology. Technology is opening the door to a renaissance in education," he says. "The edtech sector has experienced tremendous growth in the past several years, and there is also tremendous quality of products and very talented people out there. These honorees are among edtech's best and brightest."

— Victor Rivero, Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest

11 Million Reasons Why You Need TELL

The fastest-growing student population

1 in 4

By 2025, 1 in 4 public school students will be an English language learner.


The number of ELLs in the United States' K-12 public schools has doubled since 1999. Language barriers play a major role in hindering academic success.


Almost two-thirds of ELLs are in Grades K–5.


Only 27% of teachers instructing English language learners have received professional development related to the specific needs of ELLs.


The majority of secondary school ELLs are "long-term English language learners" who have been in the system for more than six years.


1 out of 4 English language learners drop out of school. The rate increases to 1 out of 3 for "long-term English language learners."

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It's not just another language assessment tool.

Convenient, flexible and scalable, TELL features an engaging and intuitive interface that utilizes touch and speech recognition. TELL can be used with just one student at a time, a small to large group, or for whole-class administration at the school or district level.

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