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  • School Function Assessment (SFA)
    The School Function Assessment (SFA) measures student performance of functional tasks that affect the academic and social aspects of an elementary school program. SFA facilitates collaborative program planning for students with various disabling conditions.
  • Sigma Survey for Police Officers (SSPO)
    Sigma Survey for Police Officers (SSPO) provides a relevant, reliable tool to help select and place qualified police and security officers.
  • SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing and SPELL-Links Class Links for Classrooms (SPELL-Links / Learning By Design, Inc.)
    SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing™ and SPELL-Links Class Links for Classrooms™ are instruction and intervention products for struggling readers and suitable for students with dyslexia. The SPELL-Links™ products use a speech-to-print word study approach that leverages the brain's innate, biological wiring and organization for oral language.
  • Test of English Language Learning (TELL)
    Test of English Language Learning (TELL™) is a touch-screen delivered language proficiency assessment that can be used to screen, diagnose, and progress monitor English language learners in grades K–12.
  • Texas Functional Living Scale (TFLS)
    Texas Functional Living Scale (TFLS) provides an ecologically valid, performance-based screening tool to help identify the level of care an individual requires.
  • The Bridge of Vocabulary 2: Evidence-based Activities for Academic Success
    The Bridge of Vocabulary 2: Evidence-based Activities for Academic Success is a completely digital, evidence-based set of vocabulary activities designed specifically for both general and special education professionals.
  • The Bridge of Vocabulary: Evidence-Based Activities for Academic Success (BOV)
    The Bridge of Vocabulary offers the only explicit vocabulary intervention program tied to evidence-based research and curriculum standards and developed for both general and special educators.
  • The Oral Language Acquisition Inventory | Second Edition (OLAI-2)
    The Oral Language Acquisition Inventory Second Edition (OLAI-2) continues the OLAI tradition of using quick and simple criterion-referenced assessment tasks to evaluate language and learning behaviors in order to drive effective instruction and/or intervention.
  • The Ounce Scale
    Assist parents to become keener observers of developmental milestones. The Ounce Scale provides a structure to help parents observe a range of relevant behaviors in their child’s growth.
  • Versant
    Versant™ tests include automated spoken and written language assessments, easily taken over phone or computer, suiting large groups of non-native speakers for screening, admissions, placement, or training purposes.
  • Work Sampling for Head Start | 4th Edition
    Work Sampling for Head Start™ | Fourth Edition is a curriculum-embedded assessment to help document developmental skills, knowledge, behavior and academics.
  • Work Sampling for Head Start | Fifth Edition
    Work Sampling System For Head Start™ | Fifth Edition is a curriculum-embedded assessment to help systematically document children's developmental skills, knowledge, behavior, and academics.
  • Work Sampling System | Fifth Edition (WSS)
    The Work Sampling System® | Fifth Edition, is a curriculum-embedded observational assessment customized for each grade level.
  • Work Sampling System | Fourth Edition (WSS)
    WSS Work Sampling System® 4th Edition helps systematically document children's skills, knowledge, behavior and academic accomplishments.
  • WriteToLearn
    WriteToLearn’s automated assessments, scoring, and reporting do the work for you so you can spend more time teaching and less time grading.