40,000 Selected Words

  • Valeda Blockcolsky, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Douglas H. Frazer, BA, JD
  • Joan M. Frazer, MS, CCC-SLP
A sourcebook for teaching consonant sounds to children and adults
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  • 40,000 Selected Words
    0761623000 Qualification Level A

    Softcover, 638 pgs



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3 through Adult
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This outstanding reference is a must for every communication professional in school, hospital, clinic, office, or university settings. Use it with clients from age 3 through adult with difficulties in articulation or apraxia.

Organized by letter, sound, and syllable, this reference has an extensive index to help you quickly find the sounds you need. It is a must for teaching consonant sounds to clients ages 3 through adult. The alphabetical dictionary groups consonants by initial, medial, and final positions and by consonant clusters/blends. You'll find medial and final sounds and blends not easily found in a standard dictionary. Sounds are arranged by the number of syllables (1-6) in the words so that you can select words with very simple syllabic contexts to words in complex syllable shapes.