Hare Psychopathy-Scan Research Version


Hare P-SCAN Research Version (P-SCAN) Checklist Version helps individuals in the mental health and corrections environments systematize what many already do: form impressions and draw conclusions on the basis of their knowledge and their experience about patients, offenders, and suspects.

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Age range:

Individuals 13 years and older

Qualification level:


Completion time:

10–15 minutes (90-item checklist)

Product Details

The P-SCAN assessment does not provide a clinical diagnosis or narrative assessment. Instead, the administrator uses his or her knowledge of the individual, along with all other information available, to rate the person's tendency toward psychopathic behaviors.


The checklist items depict relatively specific behaviors and low-level inferences about individuals. Items represent the three key facets of psychopathy:

  • Interpersonal: Relationships with others (e.g., glibness, grandiosity, lying, conning).
  • Affective: Feelings and emotions (e.g., shallow emotions, lack of empathy, guilt, and/or remorse).
  • Lifestyle: Impulsivity, irresponsible behavior, parasitic, nomadic lifestyle, lack of goals.