Work Sampling for Head Start | 4th Edition

Work Sampling for Head Start™ | Fourth Edition is a curriculum-embedded assessment to help document developmental skills, knowledge, behavior and academics. 

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Grade Range: P3 and P4
Work Sampling® Online (ordered by phone at 1.800.627.7271) or manual scoring
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Summary Report


Online Annual License Fee Per Child:

Less than 100 Children: 19.95
100-499 Children: 13.95
500-999 Children: 12.95
1,000-1,999 Children: 11.95
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Work Sampling for Head Start | Fourth Edition aligns with the new Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, offering a proven, authentic performance assessment.


  • Observe, record, and evaluate each child’s progress using a systematic method.
  • Assess student learning across eight Head Start domains.
  • Produce an accurate portrait of student achievement.
  • Involve children in understanding their own progress.
  • Inform targeted instruction.


Evaluate progress of children in Head Start programs.

  • Portfolio samples are gathered throughout the year and help demonstrate progress through concrete illustrations of the child's thinking.
  • Developmental guidelines and checklists detail skills, behaviors, and academic expectations in one-sentence performance indicators.
  • Observational criteria is presented for each of the eight curriculum areas in the Outcomes Framework.
  • Scoring: Standards-based Developmental Checklist Performance Indicators are simply scored "Not Yet," "In Process," or "Proficient."
  • Using information collected with the Developmental Checklists, a Family Report can be completed three times a year to evaluate the child’s current level of performance and growth over time.

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