Developmental Assessment of Young Children | Second Edition


The Developmental Assessment of Young Children Second Edition (DAYC-2) is a popular test used to identify children with possible delays in five different domains.

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  • DAYC-2 Complete Kit (Print)
    0158048504 Qualification Level B

    Includes Examiner's Manual (Print), 25 Adaptive Behavior Forms (Print), 25 Cognitive Forms (Print), 25 Communication Forms (Print), 25 Physical Development Forms (Print), 25 Social-Emotional Development Scoring Forms (Print), 25 Early Childhood Development Chart Mini Posters (Print), 25 Examiner Summary Sheets (Print), Sturdy Storage Box


  • DAYC-2 Examiner's Manual (Print)
    0158048512 Qualification Level B


  • DAYC-2 Cognitive Domain Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158048539 Qualification Level B


  • DAYC-2 Adaptive Behavior Domain Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158048520 Qualification Level B


  • DAYC-2 Social-Emotional Domain Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158048547 Qualification Level B


  • DAYC-2 Physical Domain Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158048555 Qualification Level B


  • DAYC-2 Communication Domain Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158048563 Qualification Level B


  • DAYC-2 Examiner Summary Sheets Qty 25 (Print)
    0158048571 Qualification Level B


  • DAYC-2 Early Childhood Development Wall Chart Qty 1 and Mini-Posters Bundle Qty 25 (Print)
    015804858X Qualification Level B

    Includes one 38" x 26" Wall Poster plus a Package of 25, 8.5" x 11" 4-page mini-posters



Publication date:
Age range:
Birth through 5
Standard scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalents
Qualification level:
Completion time:
10–20 minutes for each domain

Product Details

Each of the five DAYC-2 domains — Cognition, Communication, Social-Emotional Development, Physical Development, and Adaptive Behavior — reflects an area mandated for assessment and intervention for young children in IDEA.


  • Obtain information about a child’s abilities through observation, interview of caregivers, and direct assessment.
  • Test only the domains of interest or test all five domains when a measure of general development is desired. 


DAYC-2 was normed on a national sample of 1,832 children. Standard scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalents are provided for each domain, and for overall general development if all five domains are tested.

  • Subdomain scores provided for receptive language and expressive language within the Communication Domain, and for gross motor and fine motor within the Physical Development Domain.
  • Examiners may select the subdomain or domain scores that interest them.
  • Numerous validity studies, including studies of the test’s sensitivity and specificity, are provided.
  • Simplified ceiling rule and reworded items for clarity.
  • All new normative data collected in 2009 - 2011