Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language | Second Edition


The Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language Second Edition (CASL®-2) measures spoken language across four structural categories: Lexical/Semantic, Syntactic, Supralinguistic and Pragmatic Language.

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  • CASL-2 Kit
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    CASL-2 KIT (includes CASL-2 Manual, Easel 1, Easel 2, Easel 3 Forms (10)

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    CASL-2/OPUS Combo Kit (includes CASL-2 Complete Kit [CASL-2 Manual, Easel 1, Easel 2, Easel 3 Forms (10)] and OPUS Complete Kit [OPUS Manual, Easel, Forms (10)])

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  • CASL-2 Comprehensive Forms, Ages 3 to 21
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14 individual test scores and six index scores: General Language Ability Index (overall skill), Receptive Language Index, Expressive Language Index, Lexical/Semantic Index, Syntactic Index, and Supralinguistic Index

Age range:
3 to 21 years
Publication date:
Completion time:
5 to 10 minutes for each test and 45 minutes for the General Language Ability Index (known as the Core Composite in the original CASL)
14 stand-alone individually administered performance tests requiring no reading or writing
Based on a stratified sample of 2,394 individuals that is representative of the U.S. population in terms of geographic region, gender, race, and SES/parent education


Free online scoring is available for kit purchasers who can create an account. When you log into your account for the first time, you will automatically have access to the scoring.


Product Details

Test items are designed to focus on the main area of interest (synonyms, antonyms, idioms, etc.) to reduce or eliminate the need for memory where possible.


  • Quickly isolate the specific skill, category, or processing ability to be assessed.
  • Leverage stable and reliable results over time and across raters, with strong internal consistency and test-retest and interrater reliability.
  • Evaluate response to intervention (RTI), using the CASL-2 to track improvement over time.
  • Answer a variety of referral questions including eligibility for speech services, placement in special education, determining if a language delay or disorder is present, or measuring language abilities in English language learners.


CASL-2 includes instructions, examples, pictures, items, prompts, sample correct and incorrect answers, and scoring criteria to streamline the administration process.

  • All new normative data and more extensive clinical groups so you can confidently use CASL-2 with a wide range of individuals.
  • 14 individual tests that cover the ages between 3 and 21 (the Paragraph Comprehension test has been removed).
  • 10 tests to be used with children between 3 and 6.
  • Alternative scoring guidelines for African-American dialect.
  • Updated record form design that makes scoring easier and includes an Item Analysis Worksheet for each test, to help develop intervention plans and write IEP goals.
  • Easy-to-remember start and stop rules that are consistent across all tests.