Bracken School Readiness Assessment | Fourth Edition

The BSRA–4 is a child development assessment that can be used for school readiness, preschool screening, and kindergarten “roundup.”


Publication date:
Late fall 2022
Age range:
3:0 through 7:11
School Readiness Composite score
Qualification level:
Completion time:
15–20 minutes
Q-global®, paper-and-pencil
Record Form, Concept Development Guide
Scoring options:
Q-global, Manual
Report Options:
US norms/English only
Other languages:
Spanish translation

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The BSRA–4 will be available late fall!

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The BSRA–4 is a quick and easy child development assessment of school readiness. A brief edition of the comprehensive BBCS–4:R, the BSRA–4 assesses comprehension of the concepts strongly related to early childhood cognitive and language development, school readiness, and early school achievement: colors, letters, numbers/counting, size/comparisons, shapes, and self/social awareness.


  • Provides highly accurate and reliable information about children’s comprehension of concepts related to academic success and classroom communication
  • Requires only a pointing response—ideal for children who are shy or who have a receptive or expressive language impairment
  • Offers digital and print test administration options with manual or automated scoring and reporting
  • Minimizes testing time with start points and discontinue rules
  • Matches assessment outcomes and classroom curriculum goals according to each state’s early childhood educational standards 
  • English and Spanish Record Forms (Administration of BSRA–4 in Spanish provides qualitative information about Spanish-speaking children’s concept development)
  • Assesses diverse populations of children with artwork that is representative of a wide variety of cultures, developmentally appropriate, and engaging


  • An expanded age range enables you to test children ages 3:0–7:11
  • New full-color artwork helps maintains children’s attention and engagement during testing
  • Updated nationally representative norms reflect the current US population
  • The BSRA–4 Record Form allows you to compare pre- and post-test scores
  • Highly reliable results are strongly correlated with intelligence and achievement measures