Rookwood Driving Battery

  • Patricia McKenna

The Rookwood Driving Battery (RDB) consists of simple neuropsychological tests to help evaluate basic cognitive functions essential for safe driving.

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  • Rookwood Driving Battery Complete Kit
    9780749144395 Qualification Level B

    Includes manual, stimulus book, 3 stimulus cards, scoring key, story USB, 25 record forms and set of manipulatives


  • Rookwood Driving Battery Record Forms
    9780749144357 Qualification Level B

    Pkg of 25



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Completion time:
30 to 40 minutes

Product Details

The test is designed to be used by therapists involved in driving assessment or those working in older adult and neurology services where they may be called upon to give an opinion of driving skill.


  • Assess an individual’s cognitive fitness to drive, including visual perception, praxis skills, and executive function.
  • Decide whether an on-road test is appropriate.
  • Administer to clients with any neurological condition that affects brain functioning.


Each of the skills tested relate to the client’s ability to move a car in space and act appropriately in on-road traffic.

  • Each test is simple and performance is not dependent on IQ. 
  • Fine manual dexterity is not required, so tests can be carried out easily by people who are physically frail or disabled.
  • Sound normative data from healthy drivers and older adults. 
  • Validated against on-road performance at the South Wales Driving Assessment Centre in Rookwood Hospital.