Kaufman Short Neuropsychological Assessment Procedure


Kaufman Short Neuropsychological Assessment Procedure (K-SNAP) is a brief, individually administered measure of the cognitive functioning of adolescents and adults. K-SNAP can be used as short, cognitive evaluation or as part of a more comprehensive neuropsychological or intellectual assessment.

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Age range:

11 through 85+

Qualification level:



30 minutes

Product Details

This brief, individually administered measure assesses aspects of the mental functioning of adolescents and adults.


  • Use to determine if more comprehensive testing is necessary.
  • Ideal as a step in the routine admission process for those being evaluated at any medical, psychological, or correctional facility.
  • Retest and monitor progress over time.
  • Several studies support K-SNAP's reliability and validity, using both normal and clinical samples.


K-SNAP is perfect for those times when a short, cognitive evaluation is needed.

  • Includes 4 subtests organized in three levels of cognitive complexity: attention-orientation, simple memory and perceptual skills, and complex intellectual functioning and planning ability.
  • Interpret performance using age-based normative scores.
  • Developed with the KAIT, K-BIT, and K-FAST, and normed on a representative standardization sample of 2,000 people; all items were checked for cultural bias.


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