NEUROPSI Screener Evaluación Neuropsicológica Breve en Español


NEUROPSI is a standardized general neurocognitive instrument tailored to Spanish speaking populations. It helps to evaluate attention, memory, and learning function in Spanish speakers.

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  • Complete Kit (Spanish Language Version Only)
    0158570405 Qualification Level B

    Includes Manual, Stimulus Book, 1 pad of 20 Record Forms (no education), 1 pad of 20 Record Forms (1-24 years of education), and 1 packet of Profile Sheets (120 sheets each).

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  • NEUROPSI Record Forms Zero Education
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  • NEUROPSI Record Forms 1-24 Years Education
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  • NEUROPSI Profile Sheets
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Age range:
16-86 years
Publication date:
Qualification level:
Completion time:
20-35 minutes
Based on 800 monolingual Spanish speakers. Standard scores for each subtest. Classified in three ranges (normal, moderate impairment, and severe impairment)

Product Details

NEUROPSI Screener provides a brief, reliable, and objective evaluation of a broad range of cognitive functions. It provides both qualitative and quantitative data for specific cognitive domains that can be differentially impaired following brain injury.


  • Measures nine major domains: Orientation, Attention/Concentration, Language, Memory, Visuomotor, Executive Functioning, Reading, Writing, Calculations.
  • Gives a profile with independent scores for each cognitive ability.
  • Grades severity of cognitive impairment from normal and mild, to moderate and severe.
  • Based on normative data that allows comparison according to age and education.