Koppitz Developmental Scoring System for the Bender-Gestalt Test | Second Edition


The KOPPITZ-2, a revision of Dr. Elizabeth Koppitz' Bender-Gestalt test scoring system, is true to Koppitz' original conceptualization but has been redeveloped to meet current psychometric standards.

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  • KOPPITZ-2 Complete Kit with Bender Cards
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  • KOPPITZ-2 Complete Kit without Bender Cards
    46025 Qualification Level C

    Includes Examiner's Manual, 25 Examiner Record Forms Ages 5-7, 25 Examiner Record Forms Ages 8-85+, 25 Emotional Indicator Record Forms, and a Scoring Template, all in a sturdy storage box.

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  • KOPPITZ-2 Examiner's Manual
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  • KOPPITZ-2 Examiner Record Forms - Ages 5-7
    46030 Qualification Level C

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  • KOPPITZ-2 Examiner Record Forms - Ages 8-85+
    46031 Qualification Level C

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  • KOPPITZ-2 Supplemental Emotional Indicators Record Forms
    46027 Qualification Level C

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  • KOPPITZ-2 Scoring Template
    46029 Qualification Level C

    In stock $13.80

  • KOPPITZ-2 Bender-Gestalt II Stimulus Cards
    46026 Qualification Level C

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Product Details

The KOPPITZ-2 is a highly reliable and valid measure of visual-motor integration skills that applies the developmental approach to evaluation.


  • Separates scoring for young children (ages 5–7 years) and older children and adults (ages 8–85 years+).
  • Demonstrates high reliability across age, gender, and ethnicity with reliability coefficients in the manual for multiple subgroups, including individuals with various disorders.
  • Presents standard scores and percentile ranks, along with specialized scores and age equivalents, to meet the needs of all practitioners.


The KOPPITZ-2 has been updated to include an expanded age range with additional norms and improved reliability.

  • New norms based on a nationally representative sample of 3,600 people.
  • Addition of two- and three-dimensional drawings for older children and adults reveal subtle visual-motor integration deficits.
  • A completely non-verbal format makes the test appropriate for individuals from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Detailed scoring guidelines ensure high interscorer reliability.
  • A separate section of the manual explains how to use KOPPITZ Emotional Indicators (EIs) and a specialized form for this purpose.