Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Second Edition Revised

Coming Summer 2022!

Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test Second Edition, Revised (KBIT-2 R) has hit the “refresh” button! With field-tested, updated norms and a fresh new look, this brief measure of verbal and nonverbal intelligence continues to be the reliable assessment you’ve known since its inception — only better.  


Publication date:
Summer 2022
Age range:
Crystallized (Verbal), Fluid (Nonverbal), IQ Composite: Standard scores (M = 100, SD = 15) and percentile ranks by age
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Approximately 20 minutes
Scoring options:
Manual Scoring, Q-global®, Q-global® Video Proctoring

Q-gVP available with this assessment

Q-global Video Proctoring (Q-gVP)

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Product Details

Brief measure of verbal and nonverbal intelligence

KBIT-2 R will enable you to:

  • Estimate an individual's relative level of verbal and nonverbal ability, as compared to a representative national sample
  • Identify learners who may benefit from educational enrichment or assistance programs
  • Rapidly screen large populations of learners to identify those who would benefit from comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation
  • Quickly assess the intellectual ability of adults in institutional settings, such as prisons, group homes, rehabilitation clinics, or mental health centers
  • Re-evaluate the cognitive ability of a child or adult after a treatment or significant life event

What's new to KBIT-2 R?

Based on customer feedback, KBIT-2 R has been reviewed and modernized. Item art now includes modern technologies, reflects common object/device usage patterns, and strives to improve cross-cultural relevance. Changes to item content were carefully considered and implemented to support the fullest possible range of responses seen during KBIT-2 administrations.

Refreshed features of the KBIT-2 R include:

  • New norms reflective of the most recent US census data available at publication
  • Guidance for remote administration and normative data from remote-administered cases
  • Item content that better reflects the realities of learners' lived experiences
  • Updated intercorrelations with other tests/scores


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