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Independent Living Scales

  • Patricia Anderten Loeb

The Independent Living Scales® (ILS®) is an individually administered assessment of the degree to which adults are capable of caring for themselves and their property.

Publication date:
Qualification level:
Completion time:
45 minutes; Scoring: 10 minutes
Adults 65+ years

Pricing & Ordering

Note: Examiners will need to provide a telephone, telephone book, some money, an envelope, scratch paper, pen, pencil, and stopwatch.


  • ILS Complete Kit


    Includes Manual, 25 Record Forms, Stimulus Booklet, a pouch containing a facsimile of a driver's license, credit card, and key.

    Pricing and Qualification

    Price: $405.00

    Qualification Level B


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  • ILS Record Forms


    Pkg of 25

    Pricing and Qualification

    Price: $78.00

    Qualification Level B


    In stock

Product Details

ILS is a reliable and valid standardized approach for identifying areas of competence in forensic cases, and for determining the most appropriate living setting for adults who are experiencing a decline in cognitive functioning.


  • Assess competency in instrumental activities of daily living.
  • Identify and compare the various areas of competence.
  • Use Cut scores to establish criterion validity with adults 65 and older who are living independently, semi-independently, or dependently.
  • Reference performance data provided on samples of individuals, 17 years of age and older, who have a psychiatric diagnosis, dementia, mental retardation, or traumatic brain injury.


The performance-based results from the 68 ILS items are more objective and reliable than third-party observations or examinees' self-reports. The ILS is composed of five scales:

  • Memory/Orientation
  • Managing Money
  • Managing Home and Transportation
  • Health and Safety
  • Social Adjustment