Escala de Inteligencia de Wechsler para Adultos | Tercera Edicion


Escala de Inteligencia de Wechsler para Adultos (EIWA™-III) is the Spanish-language adaptation of the popular Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale | Third Edition.

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  • EIWA-III Basic Kit (Print)
    0158896106 Qualification Level C

    Includes EIWA-III Manuals (Print), WAIS-III/WMS-III Technical Manual (CD), Stimulus Book (Print), 25 Record Forms (Print), 25 Response Booklets (Print), Symbol Search Scoring Key (Print), Digit Symbol Scoring Key (Print), Picture Arrangement Cards (Print), 9 Block Design Cubes in a box


  • EIWA-III Administration and Technical Manual (Print)
    0158896114 Qualification Level C


  • EIWA-III Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158896130 Qualification Level C


  • EIWA-III Response Booklets Qty 25 (Print)
    0158896149 Qualification Level C


  • EIWA-III Symbol Search Scoring Key (Print)
    0158896157 Qualification Level C


  • EIWA-III Digit Scoring Template (Print)
    0158896165 Qualification Level C


  • EIWA-III Picture Arrangement Cards (Print)
    0158896203 Qualification Level C


  • EIWA-III Stimulus Book (Print)
    0158896122 Qualification Level C



Publication date:
Age range:
Individuals 16:0-64:11
FSIQ, Index Scores, subtest scaled scores
Qualification level:
Completion time:
VIQ, PIQ, and FSIQ scores: 60–90 minutes: IQ and Index scores: 60–95 minutes

Product Details

EIWA-III includes the subtests and constructs that are the foundation of the Wechsler® Scales. The language and items are culturally appropriate for Puerto Ricans speaking Spanish.


  • Confidently evaluate lower functioning clients.
  • Increase efficiency using flexible scoring methods with varying administration time and related information.
  • Developed in cooperation with the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico to strengthen cultural validity.


The EIWA-III provides two sets of summary scores in addition to the global Full Scale.

  • Updated stimuli and extended subtest floors.
  • Subtests are grouped by Verbal and Performance scales and by Index Scores based on cognitive functioning domains.
  • Improved psychometric properties based on current research and the changes in practice.


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