Escala de Inteligencia Wechsler Para Niños | Revisada de Puerto Rico

Escala de Inteligencia Wechsler Para Niños® - Revisada de Puerto Rico (EIWN-R PR) is a Spanish adaptation of the WISC-R®, the measure of a child’s intellectual ability.

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  • EIWN-R PR Basic Set
    015808800X Qualification Level C

    Includes EIWN-R PR Manual, 25 each of EIWN-R PR Record Forms and Mazes/Coding Booklets, Blocks, Object Assemblies, Spiral Booklet, Picture Arrangement Set, Tree Card and Cover, Layout Shield, and Coding Set.

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  • EIWN-R PR Manual
    0158088018 Qualification Level C

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  • EIWN-R PR Record Forms
    0158088026 Qualification Level C

    Pkg of 25

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  • EIWN-R PR Spiral Booklet: Picture Completion and Block Design
    0158088115 Qualification Level C

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  • EIWN-R PR Mazes/Coding Booklets
    0158088034 Qualification Level C

    Pkg of 25

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  • EIWN-R PR Picture Arrangement Card Set
    0158088123 Qualification Level C

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  • EIWN-R PR Object Assemblies
    0158088050 Qualification Level C

    Complete set of five

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Age range:
6:0-16:11 years
Publication date:
Qualification level:
Completion time:
VIQ, PIQ, and FSIQ scores: 60-90 minutes
IQ and Index scores

Product Details

EIWN-R PR retains the basic structure and content of WISC–R and provides complete directions in Spanish for administering and scoring all 12 subtests.


  • More subtests for a broader view of a child's cognitive abilities.
  • Measure quantitative reasoning and induction.


EIWN-R PR significantly reduces testing time to obtain the FSIQ.

  • Efficient production of all primary index scores.
  • Simplified instructions with reduced vocabulary level, shorter discontinue rules, and refined scoring criteria.