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Beta-4 is a nonverbal measure of adult cognitive abilities. The test has a variety of occupational and educational applications and is great for use with diverse adult populations within a wide range of language skills and intelligence levels.

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  • Beta-4 Complete Kit (Print)
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  • Beta-4 Manual (Print)
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Product Details

The leading adult nonverbal assessment, Beta-4 includes a variety of occupational and educational applications. Technicians, paraprofessionals, and others in the fields of psychology and education can also administer Beta-4 to a group or individually.


  • Assess different areas with five main subtests: Coding, Picture Completion, Clerical Checking, Picture Absurdities, and Matrix Reasoning.
  • Link to academic achievement for further analysis of learning issues.
  • Use in one-on-one or proctored group settings.
  • Use in prison systems to assess intellectual ability of inmates.
  • Evaluate employment readiness of new hires for companies.
  • Determine placement of students in vocational schools.


Pearson has increased the efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity of the Beta-4 while retaining the same five subtests covering multiple facets of intelligence and key advantages of the Beta III.

  • New norms and items.
  • Updated and contemporary artwork.
  • Extended (upward) age range.
  • Low floors for individuals with average and lower cognitive abilities.
  • High ceiling with more challenging items.
  • Simplified and streamlined instructions.


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