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Tour of Your Tomorrow Video Series follows the direction set by CDM-R and RIASEC occupational information systems. This DVD series shows how interest areas identified by the CDM assessment relate to career interests, skills, jobs, and the importance of lifelong learning.

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  • CDM Tour of Tomorrow III DVD
    12596 Qualification Level A

    Includes seven segment DVD



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The Tour of Your Tomorrow Video Series is recommended for middle school students to adults-in-transition who want to accelerate their career exploration, gain feedback about their career plans, and hear from real workers who have turned their strengths into career satisfaction.


  • Gain motivation and commitment to career exploration and lifelong learning.
  • Learn how the world of work can be organized into six CDM/RIASEC areas that make career exploration easier.
  • Gain career insights from workers with similar personalities and strengths.
  • Expand career and learning options and enhance the information from students’ survey interpretation.
  • Visually explore the “new workplace” to get a sense of familiarity.


The Tour of Your Tomorrow Video Series includes seven segments that feature:

  • Enthusiastic and real workers give insider views of their jobs and workplaces.
  • Compelling action and captivating interviews help viewers identify role models with interest patterns and goals like their own. 
  • A wide range of workers show how personal traits, abilities, work values, and training options connect to careers (within the six CDM/RIASEC interest areas).