Behavior Assessment System for Children | Third Edition


A comprehensive set of rating scales and forms, BASC-3 helps you understand the behaviors and emotions of children and adolescents. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

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BASC-3 Identifying and Supporting Students' Mental Health Needs with 3 APA CEs or 3 NASP CPDs On Demand 3 Hours
A103000263852 Qualification Level B

This 3-hour session examines the current mental health crisis facing our students and discusses how a broadband assessment of behavior can be used to evaluate the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students. Specifically, the session explores how components of the BASC–3 can be used to identify mental health issues and how results from these assessments can be used in the interpretation process and to guide BASC–3 interventions and supports. Participants have access to this session for one year and are eligible to earn 3 APA CEs or 3 NASP CPDs.

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