BASC Social Wellness Skills System

The BASC™ Social Wellness Skills System (BASC SWSS) provides a method of building childrens' responsive resiliency through the promotion of behavioral and emotional wellness.

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Publication date:
Age range:
5:0 and up, Grades K-12
Overall score (Social Wellness Skills Indicator)
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Less than 5 minutes per student
Digitally on Review360®
Teacher, Student (Self-Report), Parent
Scoring options:
Digitially on Review360
Report options:
Digitally on Review360
Criterian referenced only, norms to be released soon
Other languages:
English, Spanish available for self-report and parent forms
System requirements:

Product Details

BASC Social Wellness Skills System Components

BASC Social Wellness System Skills System, Short Forms

Featuring items written specifically to social wellness standards adopted by various US States, the BASC Social Wellness Skills System (SWSS) Short Forms are delivered digitally on Review360®, a platform that supports students' progress towards academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth. The BASC SWSS Short Forms are multi-informant and designed to be used universally by providing a brief, reliable, and valid evaluation of classroom readiness and CASEL-aligned social wellness skills.

BASC Social Wellness Skills System, Student Skill Builder

Once screening is complete, the BASC SWSS Student Skill Builder component provides the “learning” segment. Activities can be student-led and completed independently.

Social wellness that fits seamlessly into your MTSS implementation


  • Positively impact school climate and increase academic success by benchmarking all students to determine whose social wellness skills need improvement, and which ones need improvement.
  • Maximize and free up instruction time by leveraging the student-led skill building lessons. Each student can work on the lesson they would benefit the most from.
  • Fits into a larger behavior and student wellness system.


  • Multi-informant: teacher, student, and parent respondant forms
  • Provides an overall score (Social Wellness Skills Indicator), classified in one of three categories: age proficient, emerging proficiencies, and delayed proficiencies
  • Domains assessed include: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and classroom readiness
  • Student-led skill builder lessons

Part of the BASC family

As with all other products in the BASC family, the BASC SWSS allows you to look holistically at each student to determine which supports they would benefit from. Using the BASC-3 BESS to measure internalizing and externalizing behaviors and the BASC SWSS to benchmark their social wellness skills, schools are better able to gain an accurate picture of a student’s strengths and areas of need, provide the opportunity to learn the indicated skills, and maintain that data — all within the same system!

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